My best two friends......

What is outside??

dengzi, dongdong and me~~~ we come from different places and we speak with different accents, we are of different ages, and we have different majors ....sometimes we have totally different attitudes towards many things...

But we are together, under one roof.... leading a struggling but agreeable life.....


Sunday Boating

Parks with big lakes seemed to get more nimbus... once i was asked the either-or question, as i prefer the seaside or the top of a mountain as an ideal resort.....

( me on the boat)

I enjoy both. But i know that's definitely not the 'wanted' answer, so i chose the seaside..... for as monutain, i have to ' climb up ' and ' climb down' ( cable car robs the most fun of mountain climbing)....but seaside makes it much easier to involve in the picturesque scene.... slim chance to be exhausted :)

( Our spaceship-shaped boat, hahahha )
But something too easy to get makes it less "valuable ", so mountain nicely gives us the chance to experience the "uphill battle "....

I enjoy the left-and-right shaking of the boat when a yacht is passing by..... i felt i was like a tiny paper boat, mirror myself in the shimmering lake.....

A medieval style car-shaped boat...... quite romantic... hum??


What a lonely pig...........

News from Reuters~~

“Afghanistan's only known pig has been locked in a room, away from visitors to Kabul zoo where it normally grazes beside deer and goats, because people are worried it could infect them with the virus popularly known as swine flu.”
The pig was a gift to the zoo from China, which itself quarantined some 70 Mexicans, 26 Canadians and four Americans in the past week, but later released them. ”

What a lonely pig :( How are you doing ??
In 2003, when SARS indulged in wilful persecution, especially in BJ, i was 18 years old and was busy preparing the entrance examination to college....That April, a panicky April did not actually seemed chokey to me , but we did have to wear respirators at school. A girl in the neighbor class drew big, vivid lips on her respirator, which made you feel she was always with a sweet smile..... and it was this smile, been put up on the front page of one local newspaper......

Everyday the first thing to do after we stepped into the campus was to test the body tmeperature, a special shaped equipment ( like a handgun) inserted into your ear, and it cost only 2 sec then you knew whether you've got a fever by one little indicator.

The disgusting smell of disinfector occupied every corner. I even felt i got some OCD sorta thing, as i cannot stop washing my hands many times a day.....
Then in late April, we no longer needed to go to school.... which was definitely not nice to me as in the last month before the final exam, we totally lost all the other school activities besides STUDY,we were separated from friends and being isolated.....The support ,share or even competition from the fellows are crucial for teenagers..... but we've been deprived of this entirely..... but we had to do so in that special period of time..... that was a must......

What did you do in the spring 2003????

A faineant afternoon

I've got two free Tuesday in a row... But what not so nice is free makes hotbed for lazy...

It's rather annoying coming up with the idea that time is wasting ...

But such a warm , breezy early summer day, totally sweep away one's aspirant....

Though that's definitely not what i wanna be.... i mean to be a uselessmouth.....That's not good, hum.......
( dengzi & me )

Dengzi and me we found a newly opened supermarket not far from where we lived, named " Bonjour", lol~~~ just went to see what nice stuff they got there.....


Youth is so nice ......

The school-based orchestra...... also the champion of European Youth Music Festival.....
So many students gathered in the tiny plaza... on a cool, cozy summer night.....

I don't knwo whether it might be possible for me to remember this sweet scene after many years.....Youth is so nice...on a summer night........


Gym Capriccio

I could never forget the dream that one doctor with an icy face told me i could no longer dance... i lied on a litter, several nursers carried me running through the long,endless, despairing corridor... i thought i felt the cold ,heartbreaking tears down.....

And the tears did wet my pillowcase which i found after waking up ....

The " nightmare" was still fresh here in my mind even though 3 years passed. And i was no longer that crazy about dancing, as there are not that many friends around me fancy about dancing, so being a rather solid group is not that easy...

I missed my dance teacher Mrs.Wong a lot, from the ABC of ballet to formed classical plays, we spent a period of rather nice time that'll never be substituted....and now i've already got over the ligament strain( what the nightmare was about ) on my right leg, though no sport-related injuries are actually reversible :( .......
(Pictures shot yesterday at BALLY )



When i was 6, i looked at the mirror, " when could i be 10??", at that time, "10 years old" was "mature" enough for me......

When i was 10, i dreamed the day i could be 16, as the so-called flowery age....but when i could really say i was 16, i found nothing special....

Then i was surrounded by the longing of being 20....and finally it came one day, peaceful, quiet.......

Now i'm 25, everything works in its orginal orbit, can't complain...i still enjoy looking at myself in the mirror many times a day, sometimes i see a beautiful little Miss Gao there, sometimes there was an unlovely one with a screwy face....

Anyway, it is me, i've no reason to ditch her, perfect or flawy...that's no longer important.... ^_^


Sunday outing

We were roommates for 4 years....
Blowing bubbles..... when i was little, blew bubbles with suds was one big fun :)

Two fairies drew on the ground , snatch a shot quickly or they would get vaporized---- drew with water!!! lol~~~~

The outside world was running past me .....


Heaven can wait belt up

16 years ago, on my way home back from school, i witnessed a terrible car accident. The bloody scene imprinted in my memory for so many years, and it's still fresh now, i dread to picture that scene again, but it positively reminded me every time i was pressed for time and tended to jump the red light......

9 years ago, the guy lived in the door opposite my house was hit by a lorry when he tried to cross the street. When the news came that he died , i was almost numb with terror. I didn't dare to even take a glance at his door, and i felt the whole corridor was filled with frozen air all day long....and it actually took me rather a long time to remove this shadow in my mind...

Serval days ago, i accidentally saw this following public interest ad, you can read what it's about from the title " Heaven can wait belt up", it's really a nice ad, to say nice , only becasue of its ingenious design, but any accident is awful ........No matter which seat you take in a car, the driver or just the hitcher, TIE YOUR SEAT BELT, not for any body else , but for your own life ^_^



First time to see a fetus :)

Today today, is my first time to see a " in strict sense"----fetus. Dongdong and me we went to the hospital for a regular physical examination. Outside the room for B scan, a young lady lined up first in the queue, dongdong and me followed, I should say it was the lack of personalized service by this hospital offered me the chance to see " a fetus" for the first time , as we three were asked in at the same time, and the lady told the doctor, "I'm pregnant."

It was not her regular gravid clinic examination, so her husband did not accompany with her. Now in the B scan room, only we three. Frankly speaking, i was a little bit excited ( for each 'first time' in your life ^_^), the doctor squeezed some ointment on her belly ( later i knew it was called " Ultrasonic Transmission Gel " to ensure enough contact between the probe and your body ), and the only thing i did was to hold my breath & fix my eyes on the small screen, i really didn't have any idea what image would emerge there though the same scene had appeared on TV shows million times :)

Finally as the doctor moved the probe on her belly, a blurry figure emerged and gradually turned clear!! I could distinctly see the outline of that little hindbrain, and the spain, two rather " spindlelegs " crossed in front...... i was almost numb with shock, mixed with a kinda blazing touch. It was a LIFE!!! With head, nose , eyes, ears, mouth,legs..... a few months later it can get hairs.... and it finally could become a total man..... that's so magical and holy !!

The lady turned her head sideways and saw her baby, i think that must be a wonderful moment, if it were me , i must have been intoxicated in the happiness , hehe ^_*

I almost cried with excitement during these several minutes......

Being excited for the first time to see a fetus.... also being touched by the beatific lady on her family way.....

God bless you......



I got a special present from a little girl today ! It was a pink hairpin made of cloth, with a bow at one butt, on top of the bow there 'bloomed' a nice flower with little green leaves...

To be honest, it was totally not my type as the "childish-looking", and the a little bit too loud color. But you know the moment she looked up at me with that tender face, I think i glimpsed a heartshaking ray of light from those pure black pupils.

She lifted her hand with this hairpin up to me, " Miss Gao, this is for YOU!!!" ... She specially toned the word 'you', which made little Miss Gao felt it was so holy a hairpin.

I took this larruping hairpin from her hand, " Will you wear it?" she asked me, " Sure!!" I carefully wrapped it in a tissue and put it into my bag, i found a beatific smile on her face, then she ran away...

On the way back, I can't help stroking this little hairpin inside my bag and felt warm and contented......



New employees are welcomed---

Boss: Welcome!! Without you our company will be totally different!!
Employee: If it is too tired, I might quit.
B: Don't worry, I'll never let it happen.
E: Can I have a rest on weekend?
B:Sure!! That's the bottom line!
E: Do I have to work until midnight everyday?
B: Never !! Who told you that?!!
E: Can I get a subsidy?
B: Certainly ! It must be higher than our peers.
E: Is there the risk of sudden death at work??
B: Never! How come you've this kinda idea?
E: Will we have the chance to travel??
B: Of course! That has been written in our rules.
E: Do I need to be at work on time every day?
B: No, that depends.
E: And the salary, will that be on time?
B: Always.
E:Will all the stuff be dumped in new staff's lap?
B: Impossible! You have so many senior colleagues.
E: Can I run for vacant leader post?
B: Sure! That's the basic system we rely for existence.
E: You are not cheating me, hum??

See what happened when you enter this company---
Just read this dialogue backward....


Got 10 minutes? Take an interesting test !!!

Here comes two interesting tests, no matter you have feeling for this kinda games or totally disdain to these childish stuff, now, just take a piece of paper and write down the answers.. The analysis is in the end....


Situation:You are in a deep deep forest... as you walk on you saw an old hut standing there
(1) What is the status of the door? (Opened/closed)

(2) You enter the hut and see a table... What is the shape of the table?(Round/Oval/Square/Rectangle/Triangle)

(3) On top of the table there is a vase... in the vase there is water. How much water is it filled up with? (Full/Half/Empty)

(4) And what is the vase made of? (Glass/porcelain/clay)(metal/plastic/wood)

(5) You walk out of the hut... as you carry on your walk in the forest... you see a waterfall from far...there is water running down...What is the speed of the water? (Choose a number ranging from 0 to 10)

(6) Some time after the waterfall... you step on something hard on the ground... as you look down... you seeglistening gold in colour. You bend down and pick it up... it is a keychain chained with keys...How many key /keys you see hanging on the keychain? (Choose a number ranging from 1 to 10)

(7) You walk on and on... trying to find your way out...suddenly you see a castle.What is the condition of the castle? (Old/new)

(8)( You enter the castle and saw a pool of murky water with shining jewels floating on it...Will you pick up the jewel? (YES/NO)

(9) Next to the murky pool... there’s another pool... with clear water and money floating on it...Will you pick the money? (YES/NO) 

(10) Walking to the end of the castle there is an exit...you proceed to walk out of the castle. Outside theexit, there is big garden, you see a box on the ground. What is the size of the box? (small/medium/big)   

(11) What is the material of the box? (cardboard/paper/wooden/metal)

(12) There is a bridge in the garden some distance away from the box, What is the bridge made of? (metal/wooden/rattan)

(13) Across the bridge, there is a horse. What is the colour of the horse? (white/grey/brown/black)

(14) What is the horse doing? (still and quiet/nibbling grass/running about)

(15) OH NO!!! There is a tornado coming... some distance from the horse. You have 3 options:(i) run and hide in the box?(ii) run and hide under the bridge?(iii) run to the horse, ride on and gallop away?

Here are the interpretations:  
(1) The door:opened door - you are a person who is willing to shareclosed door - you are a person who is keeping things to yourself

(2) The table:Round/oval - any friends that came along, you will accept and trust them completely
Square/rectangle - you are a bit more choosy on friends and only hang out with those whom you think are on the same frequency
Triangle - you are really very very picky about friends and there are not many friends in your life.

(3) Water in vase:Empty - your life is not fulfilledHalf filled - what you want in your life is half fullfilledFull - your life is completely fulfilled and good for you!

(4) Material of vase:glass/clay/porcelain - you are weak in your life and tends to be fragile

(5) Flow of waterfall:0 - no sex drive at all1 to 4 - low sex drive5 - average sex drive6 to 9 - high sex drive10 - gone case!!! super high sex drive!!! Can’t live without sex...

(6) Keys:1 - you have one good friend in your life2 to 5 - you have a few good friends in your life6 to 10 - you have a lot good friends

(7) Castle:    
Old - shows that your last relationship is not a good one and is not memorable to you.    New - your last relationship is good and it’s still fresh in your heart. 

(8) The jewel from the murky pool water:YES - when your partner is around you, you will flirt around with others.NO - when your partner is around, you will stick around with him/her most of the time.

(9) The money from the clear water pool:YES - when your partner is not around you, you will still flirt around with others.NO - even when your partner is not around, you will still think of her and and will be loyal to him/her, not flirting around with others.

(10) The size of the box:small - low egomedium - average egobig - high ego

(11) Material of the box (outlook of the box):cardboard/paper/wooden(non-shining) – humble personalitymetal - proud and stuck up personality

(12) The material of the bridge:metal bridge - have very strong bond with your friendswooden bridge - average bond with your friendsrattan bridge - you are not in good terms with your friends

(13) Colour of the horse:white - your partner is pure and good in your heart.grey/brown - your partner is only average in your heart.black - your partner doesn’t seem to be good in your heart and appears to be bad sign.

(14) Horse action:still and quiet/nibbling grass - your partner is a very homely and humble person.running about - your partner is a wild type person.

(15)This the last but most important part of the test.From how I ended the story... a tornado approaches...What are you going do? There are only 3 options:(i) run and hide in the box?(ii) run and hide under the bridge?(iii) run to the horse, ride on and gallop away?

What will you choose?Now, the above is signified by these things:tornado - problems in your lifebox - youbridge - your friendshorse - your partner
(i) So if you choose the box, you keep your problems to yourself whenever you are met with problems.

(ii) or if you choose the bridge, you will go to your friends whenever you are met problems.
(iii) or lastly if you choose the horse, you seek your partner whenever your partner whenever you are metwith problems.


Have fun?? I did that and considered it was rather efficacious!! Want more? Here comes a second one:


Situation: Remember there are 5 people in this game, the story was set in among these 5 people...

Miss L and Mr. M are a couple, their houses seperately located on two banks of a river.

One day on a stormy night , Mr. M was seriously ill, the river roared, Miss L insisted in going to visit Mr. M, Mr. M admonishted her not, but she did.

Miss L beseeched Mr.B to lift her thither by his boat, Mr.B asked her for 1 million no matter how she explained the urgent situation to him. So she had to turn to Mr. S .

But what worse was, Mr. S asked her to have sex with him in exchange for taking her across the river. In order to see Mr. M, Miss L took on the great insult.

Finally, Mr. M got over the disease, but when he knew Miss L actually lost her virgin just for coming to see him, he saw red and broke up with Miss L.

Miss L was very upset then ,but later she met Mr. F, he didn't care what happened before and loved Miss L, though Miss L didn't feel so much about him and he never conceded her.

The story is over, now see the following the five people again,
Miss L / Mr.M / Mr. B / Mr.S / Mr. F

Now please arrange them in your preference order!!

Here comes the interpretations:

Miss L ---- Love

Mr. M ----Morality

Mr.B --- Business

Mr.S --- Sex

Mr. F --- Family


How do you feel now?? It's just a game, do not take it seriously , just have fun :)

Have a nice day!!


Weekend travel to Jingdezhen & Wuyuan

A tiny countryside named Likeng hided in the deep of Wuyuan, with all Ming & Qing dynasty style architectures standing alongside the river.... They all are still in use as abodes of the local people.
Wuyuan is famous for its rape flowers all over the mountains and plains, the blooming period is from 15the March to 15 April.

This photo is taken from a running bus, wherever you set up the camera, you will find a nice picture appeared in the viewfinder :)

Have a rest along the Mandarin Duck Lake~~~

Take a rest again, lol~~

Still in the countryside, quiet, pure, and a wonderful place for a daily meditation indeed.

Live here for a month, no other annoyances, no pollution, just play with the footstep of time.

JingDezhen is world-famous for its elegant china, it is said to be" as white as jade , as thin as paper and as clear as mirror "... what you see in the picture was taken in a bathroom, even the washbasin was decorated with patterns of blue-and-white porcelain!! :)


What really counts??

The picture right outside the extrance of the ladies' locker room in Bally, which reminds you subtly to keep fit, to build your body. Or more, as if one can "cut down" the extra fat outright by a pair of sharp scissors ^_^

Several weeks ago, on my first step aerobics class, the apparently complicated routine was a little bit beyond me, i thought i was agile enough to support this , but after 2/3 of the total time, i could not be able to insist anymore, i had to keep a clear idea how it worked in mind while did the same movement synchronously...... so i had to stop to fine-tune myself...

And it was by this chance, i found something tellable, something worth the whistle. There were about 2o or more in the Group Exercise Room ( just by rough eyeballing) , more than 3/4 were ladies of all ages. I was a total dabster among them, presumably they all were quite familiar with the routine and did every step subconsciously. That was good, undoubtly, but what was not nice was, they knew it "too well "and become mechanical , you could find only a stiff brow, perplexed eyes, and robot-like legs and arms, some of them might no longer feel it was actually an energetic exercise but just did every footwork correctly.

What the real value of sport is ? I don't think it is losing weight or something ,but to find happiness, to enjoy yourself on the top your bent, not matter you are always stay in the second gear in life, at work or whatever, the fun of doing sports is fair to anyone :)

Whatever a dabster or an expert, have fun, that counts :)


Weekend fun !!!

Something you won't stop questioning its facticity until you actually test it yourself!!

I did an absolutely interesting experiment yesterday evening at my house, i got the spirit from the latest issue of "Reader's Digest".

Okay, here come with me and witness the moment of miracle :)

All stuff we need were: a potato( a common one from the supermarket ) , a glass( any material is okay), and a straw ( as the one you could get from Mcdonald's ).

What we try to verify is , whether the tender-looking plastic straw could pierce through the rather compact potato ?????

The main gist or say like knack is to :

1) Hold the straw tightly with your four fingers ( no thumb).
2) Use your thumb to seal against the top hatch of the straw.
3) Do a menditation first (^_^) and concentrate all your strength on the straw, then thrust towards the potato at full tilt.

See what happened??? The delicate-looking straw actually pierce through the potato and you see i can lift the potato together with the cup just by slightly holding the straw.

Try it again with more strength. OMG !!! The straw totally penetrate through the potato !!!!!!!!!

The whole process without using any other instrument, what you see in the picture was all what i did. Sometimes it is only when you try it yourself then you finally realize how there could be so many "incredible" things around us ^_^ In fact , it is not hard to explain what happend, when you seal against the top hatch of the straw, you equally isolate the circulation of air inside the straw, no wonder it could become so firm ^_*

You can try it yourself and HAVE FUN !!! :)


Follow the pace of spring ( In my campus)

Just over one night, bare branches have changed clothes..

Dotted with numerous light pink flowers...
In my campus, pine trees look all the same throughout the year lol~~~
Winter jasmine.. ... as if it would be disturbed by just a gentle touch :)
Winter jasmine in bud.....
See those just flowering peachblossoms, tender as a little girl's cheeks.....

Peachblossoms at night....

Every year,

I tried to seize the moment leaves turn green, flowers bloom from the buds...

But year after year,

All these happened over one night...

So quiet... as if they don't wanna wake anybody up...

What a fantastic night that would be!!


But new lives are on the way, running ...

Pleasant surprises are doomed to happened the next morning.....

Waiting for the first ray of sunshine in this lovely spring.......

And you?

You hear the footstep of the spring girl? ..............